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Texas Sign Association Comp GroupFollow the Signs to Safety

“Stop.” “Danger.” “Detour.” Or “Construction zone.” Signs have long played an important role to warn people about potential risks to their health and safety. Yet, for workers who manufacture, distribute and provide other sign services, there can be inherent dangers in performing their daily jobs.

During sign manufacturing, distribution or installation, workers constantly use heavy machinery, sharp tools and other equipment. Plus, employees may work from elevated surfaces like ladders or even cranes. With these types of potential hazards, it is especially important to always make safety a top priority. Accidents can prove costly, or even worse, deadly.

Even one tiny slip could prove dangerous for sign manufacturing workers and service providers using powerful machinery or razor-sharp tools. Find out how safety groups can help.

Based on the experience of Texas Mutual Insurance Company’s Texas Sign Association (TSA) Comp Group, an industry safety group, the most common causes of injury among employees involved with sign product manufacturing, sign supply distribution and associated sign services are:

  1. Sprains and strains. Part of the job in the sign industry may include regularly climbing and descending scaffolding and ladders, handling or moving heavy objects and working while bending, stooping or reaching overhead. This perfect storm of risks may result in an injury if an employee overreaches or strains.
  2. Cut, punctures and scrapes. Employees in the sign field work with sanders, saws, grinders and other moving machinery. Staff must remain vigilant and use personal protective equipment and machine guards. They should also inspect tools and machinery before each use. Accidents may happen if protective equipment and safety protocols aren’t in place.
  3. Falls, slips or trips. Sign installation and repair may be performed on a raised surface, like a ladder, truck lift bucket, scaffold or crane. If workers don’t follow safety protocols, they are at risk. Even jumping from a work vehicle to the ground may be dangerous if workers are not cautious.
  4. Struck-by injuries. Workers who don’t have adequate training or take shortcuts can misuse equipment or not follow set procedures. This may lead to a higher chance of struck-by accidents.

For the last five years, these top losses have accounted for more than 72 percent of all sign company-based claims.

Sign Up for a Safety Group

How can sign and associated service companies help prevent on-the-job injuries, reduce costs and even earn rewards for safety? WorkSafeTexas.com offers many tools, resources and best practices to help employers and employees in the sign industry build or enhance their safety programs.

Additionally, consider being part of a safety group. Texas Mutual’s Texas Sign Association Comp Group helps improve the well-being of others and can significantly lower employer costs by helping reduce on-the-job injuries and illnesses, creating a healthier workplace and providing competitively priced workers' compensation insurance.

Here’s how it works:

  • Eligible sign and associated service companies join the safety group.
  • A safety services specialist with specific industry experience will contact and work with you to help you find the right tools to help keep your workers safe.
  • You have immediate 24/7 access to proven, customizable tools and resources specifically for safety group members through texasmutual.com.
  • You can identify areas that need improvement and implement successful strategies.
  • Members may earn rewards two ways–through group and individual dividends. 
  • Members may be able to lower their workers’ compensation premiums.

Not all sign and associated companies are eligible for the safety group. Members must provide evidence of safety programs and performance. While Texas Mutual has returned more than $2.5 billion to safety-conscious policyholders since 1999, dividends are not guaranteed.

Ask your insurance agent if you are eligible for the Texas Sign Association Comp Group. For more information about the group, email Julie Schatz, or call (800) 406-9614.

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