Caregivers around a man with a broken arm, one is signing his cast

Little Injuries, Big Care.

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In workplaces across Texas, little injuries happen every day. We make sure they get big care.

Big care doesn’t mean unnecessary care. It means appropriate care, compassionate care, the kind of prompt, attentive care you’d want for someone you count on. More than that, it means care without hassles, delays or problems.

Because the last thing we want is for a little injury to turn into a big pain.

80 percent of the incidents we handle result in little or no lost time.

Like you, our first concern is for your employee. Nothing’s worse than having one of your people hurt. But we’re also thinking about your business, and about getting that person healthy and back on the job in a timely manner. It’s a commitment we take seriously, which is why 80 percent of the incidents we handle result in little or no lost time. That’s a great outcome for your injured worker, and it avoids unnecessary interruptions that can cost your company.

At Texas Mutual, we know every employer worries about a major injury happening at their workplace. So do we, and through our safety programs, we’re making those accidents a lot less likely. But we’ll never neglect the little injuries—because if it happens to one of your people, it’s a big deal.

We’re proud to be here for Texas companies of every size—ensuring compassionate care for injuries big and small.

For questions on how to manage a workplace injury, go here.

For a Return-to-Work kit, go here.

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