Group in hardhats and orange vests in front of jobsite.

The e-Learning Advantage

Our e-Learning system is a new and innovative way to conduct safety training anywhere, anytime. A free service to Texas Mutual policyholders, the system features more than 300 high-quality video courses that teach workers effective techniques for staying safe on the job. And there’s no easier way to compile employee records for OSHA reporting.

Texas Mutual’s revolutionary new e-Learning system for safety training.

Texas Mutual’s e-Learning system:

  • Allows employers to assign courses, post reminders and check completion status.
  • Includes testing components to track employee progress.
  • Ensures each employee receives consistent training.
  • Allows employers to arrange training times that fit work schedules.
  • Frees safety personnel to concentrate on other responsibilities.
  • Demonstrates your company’s commitment to safety.
  • Provides automatic record-keeping for reporting purposes.
  • Benefits employees, managers, employers and agents looking for new ways to help their clients.
  • Helps prevent injuries, allowing employees to make it home safely each and every day.

View a brief tour of our e-Learning system.

Policyholder owners can log into the new eLearning system.

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