Smart Phones & DrivingA Deadly Mix

We’re asking employers to make the call for a safer Texas.

Driving accidents are the number one cause of work-related deaths in Texas. Nothing else comes close. It’s a tragedy made worse by the knowledge that virtually every one of them is preventable. You know the road rules: buckle up, control your speed, don’t drive when you’re sleepy. But there’s another one—a big one—that’s too often ignored.

Don’t use your phone while you’re driving.

It’s a policy every employer should adopt for their workers.

Cell phones are a valuable business tool, and they’re ingrained in our culture. Using them whenever and wherever we want has become a habit. Changing that isn’t easy. We know—because we’ve done it.

Texas Mutual encourages all our employees to buckle up and prohibits employees from any cell phone use while driving on work time. The ban even includes hands-free technology, as studies have shown that phone conversation—regardless of the device—is a significant distraction.

The result? Accidents decreased. Productivity didn’t.

We understand how important staying connected is to your business. But what’s more important is the safety of your people. Give them the freedom to ignore incoming calls and return them when they’re off the road.

As an employer, it’s your call. Make the right one and help your people get home safe to their families each and every day.

For more information on driving safely, watch our driving safety videos or download these workplace safety posters in English and Spanish.

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