Birthday cake with 20 Years of Dividends 1999-2018 written on it.

Safer Workplace. Sweet Rewards.

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We’re having a celebration–and for some very good reasons. First, with our record $280 million payout in 2018, we’ve returned a dividend to our policyholder owners for 20 consecutive years. It’s a milestone–a total of $2.5 billion delivered to safe Texas businesses. At Texas Mutual, we’re helping companies work safer and earn dividends.

Texas Mutual is changing the way workers’ comp works for you.

That’s great news for your company. But the best news is what it means.

It means that for two straight decades we’ve been able to reward employers for keeping their people safe on the job. That’s 20 years of helping businesses get better at what they do–and helping a whole lot of Texans make it home safe to their families.

Now that’s worth celebrating.

At Texas Mutual, we’re committed to the future, and we’re leading the way with advanced safety technologies, innovative training tools, and experts who understand your industry. Our resources help businesses stop accidents before they happen, and our safety-focused dividend program provides a powerful incentive for companies to explore new and better ways to protect their employees.

Texas Mutual is changing the way workers’ comp works for you. We’re looking forward to partnering with you, sharing new ideas and helping you keep your people safe.

Watch the video below or check out to learn more about our dividend program and how you can start earning rewards for your business.

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