Safety Pays

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In 2019, Texas Mutual’s dividend program will send a record $330 million to more than 55,000 qualifying policyholder owners across Texas. These dividends reward companies for working safe, and the employers who receive them earn every dollar. As the state’s number one workers’ comp provider, we’re proud to partner with businesses that share our commitment to protecting workers on the job. By returning a portion of their premium, we’re incentivizing businesses to prevent accidents and help good people make it home to their families each and every day.

75% of our policyholder owners received a dividend.

This year’s payment marks the 21st consecutive year that Texas Mutual has issued a dividend. Since 1999, we’ve sent our policyholders $2.8 billion. That’s money they can put to good use, and it has provided companies with the means to improve their businesses, purchase new safety equipment and reward employees for being safe on the job. Plus, the dividend – combined with a good safety record – lowers the overall cost of workers’ comp.

At Texas Mutual, you’re not just a policyholder, you’re an owner. Our owners have a vested interest in making Texas a safer place to work, which is why 75 percent of them will receive a dividend check in 2019. Through our dividend program, safety initiatives and state-of-the-art online technologies, we’re changing the way workers’ comp works for you.

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