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Safety is #1

At Texas Mutual, safety isn’t a sideline–it’s our #1 priority. We’re committed to helping our policyholder owners create safer workplaces that protect their people and their business. When it comes to making safety an integral part of your plan, consider these advantages:

Lower premiums: Avoiding accidents is the most reliable way to minimize your workers’ comp premium. With safety training, employees are less likely to be injured on the job, resulting in claims that may decrease your costs.

Less expense: A workplace injury can result in a number of costs, including replacement workers, retraining, lower productivity, overtime and damage to your company’s reputation.

Job satisfaction: A safe work environment increases job satisfaction, enhances recruitment efforts and aids in the retention of valued employees.

Protect your people: Your people are your most important resource. With training and good safety practices, you’ll reduce accidents and help ensure every employee makes it home safe to their families.

Dividends: Texas Mutual’s acclaimed dividend program rewards our policyholder owners for working safely. By reducing accidents, your company may be eligible for dividends that can significantly reduce your workers’ comp costs.

Safety is good for your business, and Texas Mutual can help. We offer a number of resources, including:

Safety Summits

A guide to identifying industry-specific safety hazards in the workplace

How to launch a company safety program

Understanding and implementing OSHA regulations 

A six-part driver-safety video series

Additional training and education resources

Downloadable safety posters

Online safety training with e-Learning

In addition, you’ll find helpful information on implementing effective employee wellness and return-to-work programs.

From our award-winning Safety in a Box virtual reality training tool to our dividend program that rewards safe businesses, Texas Mutual has the people, programs and resources to help you protect your employees.

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