60 Seconds to Save Driving with Woody Hill

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Texas Mutual's resident driver safety expert Woody Hill discusses the five leading causes of transportation accidents and what you can do to help prevent them in this free educational series.

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Speeding is a leading cause of transportation-related accidents and fatalities. Learn more about the effects and how you can be a safer driver.

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Driver Distraction

Distracted drivers are dangerous drivers. Learn more about the problem and tips on how to avoid distraction.

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Driver Fatigue

Fatigued drivers are a hazard to themselves and others behind the wheel. Learn about the effects of fatigued driving and how you can avoid it.

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Driving Angry

Driving angry isn't just an emotional state, it can also create dangerous conditions for everyone on the road. Learn about the effects of driving angry and how you can avoid it.

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Seat Belts

You've heard it over and over, but seat belts really do save lives. Learn about the importance of seat belt safety.

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