We Know Workers' Comp — and Our Agents

For agents and underwriters, collaboration comes with the job. So it’s good to have a strong working relationship—or even better, one like Stephanie Dew, vice president of WinStar Insurance Group, and Courtney Palmer, senior underwriter with Texas Mutual.

“We consider her part of the family,” Stephanie says. “That’s how we view her, part of our agency family. She came to our Christmas party.”

“They threw me a baby shower,” Courtney adds.

When they talk, it’s like listening to old friends. That’s because Stephanie and Courtney aren’t just people who work together. They’re people who know each other.

“We talk about our customers, their situations, their claims, what we’re dealing with, and Courtney understands because she knows our clientele as well as we do,” Stephanie says. “Things aren’t always smooth, but what’s nice is we bring it to the table, we discuss it, we figure it out because we have that relationship. It really is a great partnership.”

For Courtney, that sense of partnership is what makes the agency-provider alliance so effective.

“We depend on our agents. They’re out there working for us, we’re here working for them,” she explains. “And working with Stephanie, that’s been the best. They’re just fantastic over there, easy to talk to, approachable and knowledgeable, and you can trust everything that they say.”

At Texas Mutual, building real relationships with our agents is an essential part of what we do. Agents make our business work, and we’re committed to providing the kind of resources, information, and warm, helpful service that agents expect from a friend and partner.

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